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Travel Tails
Wednesday, June 21, 2017
“It’s not Florida.” I must’ve heard this 100 times when I started telling people about our next trip. No, it’s not Florida. It’s not the sugar-white sand of 30A. Know what else it’s not? Over-populated! If you’re my age you might remember Destin vacations as a kid with precious little to do but build sand castles, play in the surf, and watch your Dad chase sand crabs. If you miss or just crave that sorta thing, then pack the car and head to Port Aransas, Texas before it’s too late. Read more
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Virginia Moser
Monday, June 5, 2017
It is relaxing to take a walk around the Community Center grounds. In 1932, the Boatmen's Association was formed. Their primary mission was to protect fishing waters, sponsor the Texas Tarpon Rodeo (now the Deep Sea Roundup), and support community activities. In 1949, the boatmen built the community center for all of Port Aransas to use. In the center of the walkway is a fountain with water flowing from two dolphin figures. Read more
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