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Colleen M Simpson M.S., Nature Preserve Manager, City of Port Aransas
Friday, May 19, 2017
When is the last time you spent time outside? I mean really got out to enjoy nature (posing in wildflowers on the side of the highway does not count). As you scroll through social media are you envious of those catalog-style (often color coordinated) photos of families spending time together outdoors? Do you think to yourself “How do they find the time to do that?” There are a million reasons why you are too busy to plan an outing: Too tired to go anywhere after work; Too many activities scheduled already; You don’t have the gear to do that; The kids will get bored; You will get bored … the list goes on and on! Well take a moment and consider trying something new. Port A is known for its beautiful beaches but have you considered exploring the Nature Preserves? Read more
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